Kataline Patkaï


A woman’s body grabbing hold of plastic objects. Combinations of shapes, reversed senses and games of opposition build up, invent and penetrate some of our fantasies without decoding them alltogether.



concept-choreographer: Kataline Patkaï 
assisted by: Ugo Dehaes 
performers: Kataline Patkaï, Mickaël Phelippeau 
music: Roeland Luyten 
set light designer: Pierre Jorge GonzalezThrough this prism, ambiguity conjures up alternative thoughts, revealing a state-space for freedom. (kataline)

coréalisation Mains d’Oeuvres avec le soutien d’ IXKIZIT Compagnie Joel Borges et d’ Adami, artistes-interprètes

© Kataline Patkaï